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Learn to play the guitar, and you'll always have something to do! With a wide selection of guitars for every budget, you can finally take the time to learn. Stop by Bud's Jewelers to see our collection today!

Whether you like to play games or play songs to relax, Bud's Jewelers can help. Game consoles and guitars at low prices!

With the console wars heating up again, you don't have to pick and choose. Stop by our shop and find gaming consoles at amazingly low prices.


From 6-strings to 12-strings

Game consoles for sale:

Guitar paradise:

Unleash your inner gamer!

• Wii and Wii U

• PS3 and PS4

• X-box One

• Hand-held systems

• Electric guitars

• Acoustic guitars

• Bass guitars

• 12-string guitars

Always buying, selling, and trading:


Indulge yourself with a new hobby!